Our Core Solution


Freemerch is helping world-class Tech and Web3 products use merchandise to create awareness, adoption, and reward users.


With pre-existing and expanding partnerships with top Tech and Web3-focused communities, we help bridge the gap between the innovators and users, creating further interest in their campaigns and brand growth.


We create simple, less technical campaigns to give brands desired conversions such as App downloads, testing, social engagements, reviews, and referrals for their platform and products. Participants in these campaigns win merchandise.


This merchandise further helps create more awareness among their peers and excited winners who are encouraged to share their stories on social platforms creating more unique stories and social impacts for Tech and Web3 brands.

How Do We Achieve This?

We take a creative and relatable approach to distributing merch, creating awareness, adoption, and rewarding existing users while creating unique stories and using merch for social impacts. Here are some of our approaches:

  • Host bounties in communities for community members to share a limited number of swags.
  • Creating and sharing merchandise to support Tech and Web3 Hackathons, conferences, and virtual events delivered at the venue of the event or to their doorstep.
  • Support facilitators of local events who often times encounter challenges of sponsorship with limited number of crypto shirts
  • Making social impacts by sharing branded items and merchandise in public centers, branded learning aids for schools, and supporting non-profit events or organizations.
  • Hosting simple, non-technical bounties both in communities and on our website is open to participation for everyone.

What Value Do We Offer?

Values for Partners and sponsors.

  • Brand visibility

    Our shirts and merchandise designs allow inscription on shirts leading to partners preferred social media, community link or search engines.

  • Hosting micro-marketing

    Hosting micro-marketing tasks such as content writing, meme creation, social media engagements, attending virtual or physical events.

  • Conversion-based Campaigns.

    From simple to less technical campaigns, get the community involved in Beta-testing, reviews, creating social campaigns, and expanding your communities and users with Merchandise. We help make that happen.

Why Swags and Merchandise?

  • For collectors, it serves as proof of participation and active involvement in Blockchain and crypto related activities.
  • Frequently drives people to attend events.
  • Provides an easy approach to crypto and general Blockchain Education.


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