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Get merchandise from leading brands when you participate in any of our campaigns. Reward existing users and reach new audiences with loyalty campaigns for your brand.


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Participate in any of the ongoing campaigns to win yourself free merch from world-class brands. Merch is priceless!




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About Us

We help brands create an aura of belonging and social connection for their customers, recognize and personalize communities/ individuals.


Sell out your solutions in a more relatable, user-oriented and fun way. Create unique stories and social impact with your merchandise.

Community / Individual

Like what we do? Want free merch or would like to speak with our team? Reach out to us now. We are waiting to hear from you.


Community Partners

  • community image  Blockchain OAU

    A community of Active Blockchain and Cryptos Lovers sharing knowledge and Opportunities.

  • community image  Gida Academy

    Gida academy is a crypto academy Specializing on spreading Education of Crypto And Blockchain.

  • community image  Crypto Hills

    Crypto Hills is a team of professional traders with an easy, consistent and profitable trading method!

  • community image  Blockchain BUK

    A Blockchain campus Club Educating any determined individual on Blockchain Technology.

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What is a branded Merchandise (Swag)?

Branded merchandise also called swags are materials on which companies have placed their identity. These materials can be clothes, books, pens etc.

What is Freemerch?

FreeMerch is a platform that helps you get free and easy access to branded merchandise. We help brands put themselves out there and help communities and individuals receive free merchandise.

How can I get branded merch?

Participate in any campaign and monitor your email or our social media platforms for winner annoucements.

How do I patner with Freemerch?

Send us an email page and select the company button, fill the form that pops up and submit it. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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